Tulip Art is the Perfect Project for Spring!

by Marie May 7, 2013
tulip art blog me mom

Tulips season is almost at it’s end, but we can bring a few flowers indoors with this fun project. I can’t think of a better way to get your kids inspired than by helping them get creative with this tulip art project from Blog Me Mom I found at the Make and Takes Spotlight. More Artistic […]

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Popsicle Stick Puppets and a Mini Theater

by Caroline Urdaneta May 6, 2013
Popsicle Stick Puppets and Mini Theater

My children never get tired of puppets and puppet theaters! We’ve made so many variations and the kids always have a blast. This weekend we made Popsicle Stick People Puppets, simply drawing on the sticks, and I helped the kids make a theater out of a shoebox. It was a great project for the whole family! […]

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I’ve Been Crocheting a Few Little Lovelies

by Marie May 3, 2013
Crocheting Baby Booties

The crocheting never seems to stops around here. There are too many fabulous projects to try. I’ve only just begun to dip my “hook” into the amazing ideas out there. So here are just a few things I’ve been crocheting as of late! Harry Potter Scarf: Yes, I had to try one of these. My […]

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Beautiful Bouquets of Tissue Paper Flowers for Spring

by Marie May 3, 2013
usual mayhem tissue paper flowers

I’ve made some of these tissue paper flowers before but I was reminded of how fun they are when I came across this tutorial from the Usual Mayhem at the Make and Takes Spotlight. Can’t wait to bust out my stash and whip up a bundle of paper blooms to brighten the house! More tissue paper […]

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Simple Summer Pasta Salad

by Marie May 2, 2013
Simple Summer Pasta Salad

Summer is on it’s way. Can you feel it? Even here in Seattle we are seeing some sun. So I say it’s time to plan a backyard party, maybe even potluck style. If that’s the case with you, I’ve got a super simple summer pasta salad perfect for a crowd. All it takes is a little […]

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Moms Love Handmade Cupcake Liner Flowers

by Marie May 1, 2013
Cupcake Liner Flowers for Mom makeandtakes.com

Moms love anything handmade by their kiddies. That goes for these cute cupcake liner flowers as well. I happen to know Grandmas love them too. So you might want to craft up a few of these with the kids and gift them to a mother you know, letting them know they’re loved. Supplies for Cupcake […]

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Bright and Fun DIY Rainbow Zipper Pouch

by Marie May 1, 2013
rainbow zipper pouch

Little totes are so handy to tuck away into your purse or backpack, I’m always on the hunt for a good one! Why not sew your own like this little rainbow zipper tote from Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom I found at the Make and Takes Spotlight. So cute, right? More simple sewing projects […]

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Giveaway: Happy Mother’s Day Goodies

by Marie April 30, 2013
Albion Fit

Hooray, it’s almost Mother’s Day. Hopefully this giveaway will be just what the family ordered. These are just a few fabulous things to help you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. So send over your spouse, kids, and parents to help you enter and win! Albion Fit: Say hello to summer. Albion Fit offers beautiful, comfortable, and high-performance […]

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Mini Crochet Circle Rings for Mom

by Marie April 29, 2013
Mini Crochet Circle Rings makeandtakes.com

These sweet little rings are just the pop of color you need to bring the bling! Mom will love these, you will love these. They are super simple, easy enough for the beginning crocheter. So let’s get started! Supplies for Mini Crochet Circle Rings: yarn – any size gauge works – the mini-minis are with […]

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Super Hero Stick Puppets Equal Hours Of Imagination

by Marie April 27, 2013
super hero stick puppets

Puppet shows are always a win around these parts which is why I got excited when I spotted these darling super hero stick puppets from Create-Celebrate-Explore at the Make and Takes Spotlight. Craft up a few of these for hours of imaginative fun! More links for fun with puppets below: Popsicle stick farm critters Leaf […]

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Scrap-Busting Friendship Trees

by Marie April 26, 2013
Friendship Trees

Guest post by Whitney of Rookie Moms My daughter Scarlett, age five, got into making friendship trees after watching a DVD of Ruby’s Studio in which the children on that program make them. It is an exercise in thinking about a special person and honoring what you like about him or her. Our take on […]

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DIY Tic Tac Toe Board Equals Hours of Fun

by Marie April 26, 2013
tic tac toe coats and clark sewing

Use up some of your fabric scraps and make a cool DIY tic tac toe board like this one I spotted at the Make and Takes Spotlight seen on Sewing Secrets. My kids go bonkers for tic tac toe and I think this is way more fun than those plastic board games you can buy […]

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School Lunch Superhero to the Rescue

by Marie April 25, 2013
School Lunch Superhero Day

I’ve talked before about how our family participates in school lunch and how I’m happy with what my kids are being served. Well, I’m partnering up with the SNA and Tray Talk once again, an M&T sponsor, to talk about the real heroes in the lunch room. Enter our own School Lunch Superhero, Miss J! […]

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Turkey Sausage and Vegetable Stir Fry

by Marie April 24, 2013
Turkey Sausage Stir fry

Summer is a-comin’, and you know what that means? I’m always on a big push to eat healthier and get this body into summer swimsuit shape! I’m actually hosting a “biggest loser contest” with my family – siblings, cousins, etc. So I’m on the road to kick it up a notch -  I’ve got to win […]

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Felt Bedside Organizer Helps Cut the Clutter

by Marie April 24, 2013
felt bedside organizer

Trying to find a way to organize my kids’ bedside tables is a constant struggle which is why I got excited after browsing the Make and Takes Spotlight and found this idea from Whimsy Love for a hanging bedside organizer. Full of pockets for pencils and books and even a favorite toy or flashlight, it’s […]

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Handmade Topiary Cards with Dried Flowers

by Caroline Urdaneta April 23, 2013
handmade topiary cards

Handmade cards add a perfectly finished touch to gifts for any occasion. In a world becoming more and more fast-paced and online, handmade cards are even more meaningful and important to give. Today I’d like to share a very simple craft project to easily make your own gift tags, greeting cards, or postcards. We will […]

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Celebrate Earth Day with Kid-Friendly Crafts

by Marie April 22, 2013
Earth Day Crafts for Kids makeandtakes.com

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I’m happy to share a few things to celebrate. First up, we’ve got our winner for our Earth Day DIY with Consumer Crafts, an M&T sponsor, and the giveaway for $250! Congrats to #4044 Ellen T! We’ll email you for details. You’re going to be all stocked up on craft supplies! Be […]

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Paint Drip Planters For Potted Bulbs

by Marie April 19, 2013
potted bulb drip planter

Bulb flowers are about to make their triumphant early Spring return and I could not be more thrilled. I’ve been seeing pots of them in various stores, ready to grow and think that this idea for paint drip planters from One Artsy Mama (I found it at the M&T Spotlight) would be such a fun […]

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Drip Dry “D-I-Y”

by Sabrena April 18, 2013
Drying Laundry

A few years ago, our dryer broke. And because our dryer broke twenty-plus of my sons “nappies” suddenly needed to find a home before they were useable again. It was also early Spring. Since it snows well into May in Utah, I set up make shift clotheslines in our sun room and let nature do […]

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Passing On the Real Meaning of Beauty, Dove Beauty Sketches

by Marie April 17, 2013
We are Beautiful

The newest video by Dove, Beauty Sketches, affected me more than I thought it would. Wait until you see it and you’ll know why. I have issues with my body, my features. It’s something I’ve always thought about, worried about, looked in magazines and judged about. I’m not sure when it started, but I remember […]

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