Holiday ABC Series: W is for Winter

by Marie December 18, 2012

We’re showcasing all things winter for the letter W and our Holiday ABC series. These are crafts to get you excited about the winter season over the next few months. Coffee Filter Snowflakes: We love to use coffee filters to make our snowflakes. It gives them a circle shape, already pre-cut in the perfect symmetrical shape. […]

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Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary

by Marie December 17, 2012

Within the blogging community, my friend Victoria – Vdog, lost her nephew, Noah. He was a first grader who went to Sandy Hook Elementary. My heart goes out to her and her family. Please visit this post to find out how to support Noah’s family. For those of you who would like to donate to […]

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Holiday ABC Series: V is for Vintage

by Marie December 16, 2012
Vintage Ball Ornament

Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments from when my husband and I grew up. I’m not sure how old something is to be considered “vintage”, but for our letter V, I’m showcasing some of our favorite vintage-style holiday items for our Holiday ABC series. My mother-in-law, who you can visit over at Jani Serendipity, is […]

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Holiday ABC Series: U is for Umbrella

by Marie December 14, 2012
meringue umbrellas

Okay, onto the letter U for our Holiday ABC series and this was a tough one! Unicorns and umbrellas are about the only 2 words that came to mind for something fun to craft and it took me a little bit of extra thinking to come up with an idea. Happily, candy canes and vanilla meringues came to […]

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Holiday ABC Series: T is for Tree

by Marie December 14, 2012
Wrapping a paper tree with thread

We’ve created some Threaded Wrapped Paper Trees for our Holiday ABC series and the letter T. They are fun to wrap, little ones love to help with this, and then display on your mantel. Supplies for Thread Wrapped Paper Trees: cardstock paper – any color for your tree, white preferred embroidery thread – these are fun little […]

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Holiday ABC Series: S is for Santa

by Marie December 14, 2012
Making a mini paper Santa hat

We’ve come to letter S for Santa in our Holiday ABC series and we’re making a few fun Mini Santa Hats. These paper hats are perfect for adding to the top of a present, display on a shelf, or attaching to a headband to wear as a party hat. Supplies for Mini Paper Santa Hats: red […]

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Holiday ABC Series: R is for Rudolph the Reindeer

by Marie December 13, 2012
Rudolph the Reindeer Cookies

Yes, we’re onto the letter R and how fitting to make something fun using Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for our Holiday ABC series. There a lot of reindeer cookies out there, so we spiced these cookies up a bit by using mini candy canes for peppermint antlers. Supplies for Reindeer Cookies: sugar cookie dough – […]

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Holiday ABC Series: Q is for Quilt

by Marie December 12, 2012
Christmas Quilt

I love to decorate for the holidays, it makes the house so warm and snuggly. I kinda wish it was this way all year, with twinkly lights all over the house. One of my favorite items to display is a quilt I made almost 8 years ago – crazy to think how long it has […]

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Holiday ABC Series: P is for Presents

by Marie December 12, 2012
p1For our letter P and our Holiday ABC series, we’re talking about presents. I’ve collected some simple projects for you to make for your loved ones for the holidays. Most of these are easy to do, helping you have a happy handmade holiday! Hot Chocolate on a Stick Wipe Off Menu Board Scrabble Tile Necklaces […]
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Holiday ABC Series: O is for Orange Ornaments

by Marie December 11, 2012
Lining up dried oranges to string

I have always wanted to dry oranges and turn them into ornaments. I’ve seen these around and had to try it out this year. And it works out perfect for our Letter O in our Holiday ABC series for dried orange ornaments. Supplies for Orange Ornaments: oranges knife drying rack and baking pan oven or dehydrator […]

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Holiday ABC Series: N is for Nuts

by Marie December 11, 2012
Christmas Nuts

Today we’re talking nuts for the letter N and our Holiday ABC series. Having a bowl of nuts around during the holidays is something I grew up with. There was always that pack of mixed nuts from the store with walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and those big Brazilian nuts too. I looked forward to it every year. I’ve been […]

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Holiday ABC Series: M is for Manger

by Marie December 10, 2012
Manger Scene with Popsicle Sticks

We recently went to a church activity and created these fun popsicle stick manger scenes. I wanted to showcase it for our Holiday ABC series and the letter M for manger. The idea comes from A Student of Mama University for this popsicle stick nativity scene. It was the perfect craft for the kids table, gluing […]

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Jingle Bell Painting for the Art Table

by Amy December 10, 2012
Jingle bell paintings

Have your kids painted with marbles before? You drop paint-covered marbles into a box and roll them all around to paint your paper. My girls were always first in line when that activity was on the preschool art table. But how about a wintertime twist – jingle bell painting! Supplies for Jingle Bell Painting: jingle […]

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Holiday ABC Series: L is for Lights

by Marie December 9, 2012
Paper Lantern Trees

There are so many holidays and celebrations that use light… lights on houses, on trees and candles too. We made some paper tree lanterns for our letter L and our Holiday ABC series to shine a little light this holiday season. Supplies for Paper Tree Lanterns: white paper pencil and circle plate to trace – […]

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Holiday ABC Series: K is for Kwanzaa

by Marie December 8, 2012
Kinara Placemats for Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by African Americans and begins the day after Christmas. There are 7 nights and 7 candles in a kinara lit each night, representing 7 principles of family, community, and culture. So for our Holiday ABC series, we’ve created a fun kids craft for making a placemat kinara for letter K. […]

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Holiday ABC Series: J is for Joy

by Marie December 7, 2012
Joy Framed Art for the Holidays

There are a lot of other words I could have used for the letter J as part of our Holiday ABC series, but I chose joy. We made a fun framed canvas with the simple word of joy on it. It’s displayed on our shelf to help remind us all to find joy in the […]

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Holiday ABC Series: I is for Icicle

by Marie December 6, 2012
Felt Icicle Ornaments

With winter making it’s way here, we’re at Letter I for Icicles for our Holiday ABC series. Living in Seattle, we don’t see a lot of snow or icicles, but we can sure create some! We’re making felt icicle ornaments to hang on our Christmas tree. Supplies for Felt Icicle Ornaments: 1 pipe cleaner – per […]

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Holiday ABC Series: H is for Hanukkah

by Marie December 6, 2012
Star of David yarn threading craft

Hanukkah is just days away beginning on the evening of December 8th this year. So for our Letter H in our Holiday ABC series, we’re making something fun for Hanukkah: Paper Plate Star of David. This is a great craft for kids to help develop their fine motor skills with threading. Supplies for Paper Plate […]

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This DIY Pinata Advent Calendar is So Much Fun!

by Marie December 5, 2012

Holy moly, pretty much in love with this DIY Pinata Advent Calendar I spotted via the M&T Spotlight from Handmade Charlotte. Piñatas and advents combined, I must be dreaming! See a few more great DIY advent calendar ideas below: Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Printable Advent Holiday Wipe-Off Advent

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Holiday ABC Series: G is for Gingerbread

by Amy December 5, 2012
Gingerbread boy and girl pizzas

We have no trouble getting our share of sweets during the month of December. It’s the healthy foods we have to be sure to make room for! Here’s a fun hands-on lunch or dinner activity to make with your kiddos – gingerbread boy and girl pizzas. Cute and delicious, and perfect for our Holiday ABC […]

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