My Hay fever is here and can I tell you that pregnancy and allergies don’t mix! Anyone who has been pregnant knows the loss of bladder control is very apparent, especially when one sneezes. Well, try to imagine sneezing close to 200 times a day while being pregnant. My tummy muscles are working over time to hold everything in!

The loss of bladder control has brought my attention to Kegels. Is it pronounced – keegels or kagels? Either way, I need to get mine working. My doctor has always said to work on my Kegel exercises to help with labor, delivery, and recovery, but I’ve never really listened. Now I am working them over time to help with the bladder control, or lack thereof. One woman said she did her kegels while waiting at every red light. Another has said she does them while eating breakfast. I have been doing my kegels every time I sneeze. Maybe my hay fever is a good thing and will help me be better prepared for delivery of this baby.