Being “with child” as I am (5 months) I will often visit a few of my favorite pregnancy websites and see what this thing inside me looks like, what it’s doing, and why I am now experiencing the dreaded heart burn. I go through at least half a bottle each day!! Luckily, I remember that with both my other pregnancies, the heart burn stopped the day I delivered. But then a whole host of other fun stuff takes its place!!!

Great Pregnancy Websites:

The StorkNet – Great week by week accounts of baby’s development, changes with me the mommy, and ideas for Dad to get involved.

WebMD – Info on Baby’s development and articles and facts about health concerns and tips.

Baby Center – I have signed up for a newsletter with Baby Center that tracks my weeks and what my baby is up to. They also have great articles about after your baby is born and when he/she grows up.

  • What other great sites should I be visiting?