We’re making a few festive rainbow cards for spring using little dots of puffy paint. Puffy paint has such a fun texture to it, making your cards pop out and come to life. With these darling rainbow cards, we’re painting lots of little dots for each color to our rainbow pictures. A little goes a long way!

Puffy Paint Rainbow Cards makeandtakes.com

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Gain Flings Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Just like those laundry flings, we’re creating a fun puffy paint DIY project to help bring our little rainbows to life!

Making Puffy Paint Rainbow Cards

Supplies for Puffy Paint Rainbow Cards:

  • puffy paint in rainbow colors
  • pencil
  • white cardstock paper
  • paper towel – optional

Rainbow Puff Paint Cards Supplies

1. Fold your paper in half to make a card.

2. Using your pencil, draw dots in the spots where you want your puffy paint. This will make it easier as you create your image. It’s very easy to get off track on your lines if you don’t have a pencil guide, if you’re going for a specific image.

Pencil Dots for Rainbow Puffy Paint Cards

3. Add little puffy paint dots to your pencil spots. For the rainbow, I only added pencil for the first color. I did the other colors just inside each one, following the rainbow shape.

Painting Puffy Paint on Cards

Having a paper towel nearby is a great way to test out your puffy paint. You don’t want too much coming out at one time. Try your best to get each dot painted on evenly.

Painting Puffy Paint Rainbows

4. Let your puffy paint pictures dry for a few hours, even overnight if possible.

You can make all sorts of fun pictures with your little dots of puffy paint. These will make great cards to gift to friends and family.

Puffy Paint Rainbow Sunburst

The possibilities are endless with this fun puffy paint to make festive little rainbows!


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