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Here’s what we’re having on Christmas Morning, Egg & Sausage Breakfast Casserole. Using Italian Sausage gives it an extra kick. I prep it the night before and pop it in the oven just before the kiddies wake up. It will be ready to eat right after we open our stockings. I love this recipe for […]

Growing up, we always had a large bowl full of Mixed Nuts out on the counter, it seemed to be a winter tradition. A few nut crackers were there ready to use and a smaller bowl for the empty shells. I loved fishing out the walnuts from the bowl, as they are my favorite. So […]

Week of Treats: Link Love

by Marie on December 12, 2008

WEEK OF TREATS – DAY 5 To finish up this Week of Treats, I’m linking to some wonderful treats around blogland. Here I made my friend Pamela’s Toffee that is to DIE for (pictured below). I’ve eaten almost half the pan by myself, no joke! I’d never made toffee before and surprised at how easy […]

Chocolate Dipped Candy Canes

by Marie on December 11, 2008

WEEK OF TREATS – DAY 4 Hot Chocolate is the drink of choice at our house this season. We drink it plain, with marshmallows, with chocolate shavings, or topped with Peppermint Whipped Cream Magic. Seeing as I love chocolate and mint together (almost as much as I love chocolate and peanut butter together), I decided […]

Wonky Homemade Lollipops

by Marie on December 10, 2008

WEEK OF TREATS – DAY 3 I love these wonky lollipops. They’re funny looking, taste yummy, and are a lot thinner than if you used a mold… perfect for little mouths. Last year I posted about Christmas Lollipops with the sucker molds I had growing up. But since molds are hard to come by, I […]

Cookie Dough Log Rolls

by Marie on December 9, 2008

WEEK OF TREATS – DAY 2 I’m giving a few of these Cookie Dough Log Rolls to neighbors as gifts this Holiday. You can give yummy homemade cookies, but don’t have to bake them right away. They’re a perfect treat for on the go or as a midnight snack too. With these dough rolls, you […]

WEEK OF TREATS – DAY 1 This week I’ll be posting yummy treats to make during the Holiday Season. They’re a great “make and take” for family and friends or to keep for your own sweet tooth. So take notes, throw the diet out the window like me and enjoy this Holiday Week of Treats. […]

I’m making these Chocolate Drop Cookies for a holiday cookie swap hosted by my friend Jeri. I needed to make 6 dozen cookies to share, so I thought these tasty chocolate cookies would be perfect. I’ve never made them before, but they’re a treat I’ve been enjoying since I was little. The only trouble is […]

I’m excited to share a Guest Make and Taker post with you from Leigh Anne at Your Home-Based Mom. She makes and bakes yummies for the kitchen and writes about tales from her Home Base! Here’s her easy and delicious recipe for Apple Pie, a perfect recipe for the upcoming Holidays. Spending time in the […]

Come on over to Alpha Mom’s – Once Upon a Holiday to see how we made these fun Turkey Treats. They’re the perfect treat to gobble up on Thanksgiving day.

Applesauce Cookies were a favorite of mine growing up. We would bottle our own applesauce, then use it to make yummy cookies all year long. They are moist and cake-like, and scattered with chocolate chips to make them a perfect Fall treat. Recipe for Applesauce Cookies: 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup shortening 2 eggs 1 […]

I love Fall and the foods that come with it. Pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds are some of my favorite treats! Here’s 2 contests that involve these fun Fall snacks. Pumpkin Contest I love cooking salty pumpkin seeds scooped from a Halloween Jack-o-lantern. I’m always amazed at how many seeds come out of a pumpkin. […]

As apple season is at it’s peak, we’ve been making more Homemade Applesauce. We love to eat it warm and fresh right after preparing. For this batch of applesauce, we made it with a twist. Jeri, from Et Cetera, bottled up lots of applesauce, but added food coloring for fun. Just 1 or 2 drops […]

Sorry, this post is another deep fried recipe (I know, it’s not helping my love handles either!) It’s also another yummy breakfast meal we like to eat for dinner! Fried Scones were one of my favorite meals growing up as a kid. My mom would make bread and save some of the extra dough to […]

Microwave Cake in Minutes

by Marie on September 24, 2008

Here is the recipe for Chocolate Cake in 5 Minutes. I promise, it really works! Once I saw it, I knew I had to try it. I love this cake for two reasons: First, you get cake in 5 minutes instead of 25 minutes (I just can’t wait 20 more minutes!) Second, there’s no left […]

Today’s my birthday. Yes, another year older and hopefully wiser too! A fun little fact about me… today is my husband’s birthday as well – he’s just 2 hours older than me. You can read more about it from Last Year’s Birthday post. Happy Birthday, Jordan! All growing up, my mom made us a Frozen […]

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

by Marie on September 10, 2008

These two ingredients were made forĀ each other! I could eat Chocolate and Peanut Butter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve recently come across some great recipes with these two delicious love birds and wanted to share. Peanut Butter Bars (pictured above) – so easy, no bake, yummy Graham cracker crunch! One More Moore HolyCrapTheseAreAmazing Cookies […]

Mint Lemonade

by Marie on August 27, 2008

My brother Jeff recently visited the country of Jordan and was introduced to a lemon juice drink speckled with mint. It’s considered a sipping drink as it’s pretty strong and flavorful. He loved it so much that he came up with his own recipe for Mint Lemonade and he’s sharing it with all of us. […]

Hot Dogs for Lunch

by Marie on August 20, 2008

My kids love to eat hot dogs for lunch. So I’ve been trying to serve them a little different to spice things up a bit. Ollie the Octopus: I found this fun hot dog idea from Easy Recipes for Kids. I cooked the hot dog first. Then cut 8 octopus legs, but left a large […]

Chocolate Pudding Pie

by Marie on August 13, 2008

I needed a dessert for a party and wanted something with chocolate. After searching my cupboards, I came up with a few supplies I knew I could throw together. I found chocolate pudding, but added whipped cream I had in the fridge to make it fluffier. Then scooped this all on a graham cracker crust, […]

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