Resolutions for the Mind, Body, and Soul

by Marie on January 1, 2010

For me, 2010 is the year of the mind, body, and soul. Even my milk jug lid knows it’s going to be a good year as I found this image the other morning for breakfast! Below I’m making some resolutions in each of those areas, along with a few links to go with them.



  • Exercise. I’m going to run a relay this year (more to come on this later).
  • Eat healthy. I know I always say this, but hopefully it will go along with the above running goal. Check out these quick tips for curbing your appetite.


  • Roller Derby. You heard me right, roller skating. I’m going to train for a my local roller derby team (more on that later as well).
  • Simply Play More. With my kids, my husband, my friends. And with my blog!

A few more links for 2010, some great ways to help with the above areas:

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