Running in the Mud at the Dirty Dash

Remember that mud run I was telling you about a few weeks back, The Dirty Dash? Well, I ran it and it was AWESOME! Here’s my team of Dirty Divas all clean! With the theme of Divas, we chose some crazy hot pink tank tops, tulle tied skirts, gold band bracelets, and pink glitter crowns with our nicknames on them. I was “Sparkle”!

Halfway through, getting there!

Through the finish line and soaked in mud!

We all ran together, 6 miles of dirt and muddy road. We jumped over hay bails, ducked through tunnels, climbed (and slipped) over walls, and swam through the pool of mud to the finish! It sounds crazy, but it was so much fun!

Check out even more crazy photos from the race on their facebook page. Here’s a shot of the line for the COLD showers after.

Anyone ready to sign up for next Spring’s race? Come on! I’ll be there again with my Dirty Divas!

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© 2007-2017 Make and TakesUp ↑