Do you have these same thoughts as me? Check the questions below and leave a comment if you are brave enough to answer!!

Do you shave any higher than your knee in the winter? or summer for that matter? Or do you even shave at all in the winter? Sundays seem to be my shave day. If I don’t shave at least on Sunday, the leg hair sticks through my tights!

Do you pick your zits or do you have the patience to let them be? I have to pick them. I know, it will leave a scar. I learned it from my sister and she learned it from the sister before her. All of our husbands hate it.

What kind of underwear is worn at the gym? This is mainly for the ladies. I have problems with every kind there is. I am asking this question sincerely. I really have a hard time with this. I don’t think I can go bare, and I hate the string up the crack. Maybe I just need to work out in the comfort of my own home, where only my kids will see my double bum.

Have you ever wanted to take your laptop into the bathroom with you, instead of a book? Just wondering, I would never do that. My husband would kill me. Come to think of it, who actually takes in a book?

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