Summer of Fun on the Run

by Marie on June 12, 2009

This summer I’ll be contributing over at the traveling website Car & Caboodle. It showcases lots of great places to visit, staycations, day trips, cool gear, hot spots and secret finds. There’s a fun group of bloggers taking on the “traveling with kids” challenge this summer, so come see how we all handle the car and the kids!

In fact, my family is off this weekend out having some fun, a very need vacation! I’ll be sharing the details of our trip next week! In the meantime, let’s see if you can guess where we went. Whoever guesses it right first will get a virtual high five from me!! Quite the prize I must say!

Here’s a few clues:
We’re driving from Utah, then boating over, playing in the sand, shopping, beach BBQ, swimming, under water sea tour, kayaking, getting a needed massage, Casino tour, relaxing, then boating back over and driving home!

Any guesses? It’s an ocean oasis closer than you think!

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