Super Cool Yarn Projects to Add to Your List

I had a little extra time to scour the interwebs during the holidays! I came across a few yarn projects that are the kind you can’t pass up. Thanks to the genius of Carrie at This Mama Makes Stuff, my kids now have super cool stylin’ winter hats. I love this Mohawk Beanie Tutorial. It’s sooooo simple! And it makes my little one look super rockin’! (Although, I lack a bristle brush to give it that thick mohawk look. I suggest getting your hands on one for this project.)

In fact, this project spurred the post over at Babble this week, sharing all kinds of fun ways to spice up your snow gear. I’m sharing 10 ways to give your snow hats and mittens a few fun embellishments!

Another project that I’m head over “yarn” about is this no-knit yarn scarf from Kelly of According to Kelly. I LOVE it. Again, so simple! I have more yarn than I know what to do with, so this project is happening today! Here’s Kelly, isn’t she stylin’?!

And if you’re a knitter, I mean really into knitting, you’ve got to get on the Yarn Bombing train! Below is a photo from Apartment Therapy. So cool! I’ve seen it all over Seattle. There’s a park downtown that has about 15 tree trunks covered in knitted yarn sweaters! It’s so fun. Makes me want to really learn how to knit and crochet! I recently met Leanne Prain¬†who co-wrote the book, Yarn Bombing. It talks all about the trend and how it’s “knitting” the nation!

What cool yarn projects are you doing? Scarves, hats, kids crafts?

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