I’m actually a newbie to Swiffer products and am happy that they’re the title sponsor for the BlogHer party I’m co-hosting in just 2 short weeks (can you believe it’s almost here!!) Swiffer Social Luxe Lounge here I come!

I was recently sent a Swiffer WetJet to try out and I let my husband test it out first. And if he can clean with it, doing a pretty good job, then it must be super duper easy-to-use! This redesigned WetJet allows even my husband to clean the floors better, and I love that antibacterial solution! “You’re looking good, Babe! Same time next week?”

Swiffer Wet Jet

And here’s some Swifferific news for all of you, 3 lucky winners get their own new redesigned Swiffer Wet Jet. Make a comment on the Swiffer Social Luxe Lounge Giveaway post (not here!), telling what’s been your best “Mom Cleaning Moment” and you’re entered in!