The 14th has come and gone, but it’s still the Month of Love. Unfortunately for my husband, I’ve got Baby on the mind. (Our little Zoë was born December 7th). So it seemed fitting to explore a few keys areas on being green with baby. Not surprising, we’ll focus on what occupies a newborn’s time: namely […]

Yes, it can be done. I would never have thought to sew my own sheets, but this crib and toddler sheet tutorial from Made is a great way to get exactly the match you need for your baby’s room.

Everywhere we go, my baby is saying: “baby” (or “huh huh” as she’s not quite talking!) But she let’s me know where all the babies in the grocery store are with a pointing motion and a smile. Since she’s so happy looking at babies everywhere we go, I came up with a fun DIY Magazine […]

I just found this movie clip over at Clover Lane, (who has a fun crafty blog. Check out these Winter Decorations!) Although this movie isn’t out yet, I know I’m going to love every minute of it. It’s a documentary about 4 babies growing up in 4 different parts of the world. It’s going to […]

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. The winner of the Belle Baby Carrier is #99 Britt . The winner of the Handmade Fleece Blanket is #139 Anne Marie. Have fun snuggling your cute little babies!! Today’s giveaway is brought to you by one of Make and Takes sponsors, Around My Baby. […]

Yay! I did it. I finished my baby’s quilt, only 15 months late. Remember this quilting post? I’ve made a quilt for all three of my babies when they’re born, something for them to always have that’s made from me! I love it and so does my baby! This quilt has a sort of ‘nine […]

Weekend Links: Oh Baby Baby

by Marie on September 5, 2009

My little one photographed by Crystalyn Life Images. A few craft and sewing projects for Baby: DIY Baby Wipes Container by According to Kelly How to Make Baby Burpies by You Can Make This Scrap Fabric Bib Tutorial (Star Wars) by Dollar Store Crafts Baby Shower Party Ideas by Hostess with the Mostess First Words […]

So far, there are only boys in my family, so when faced with several approaching baby showers for female babies, my mom and I were only too overjoyed to experiment with making barrettes and headbands. We wanted to make hair adornments with newborns and infants in mind, so we experimented with several different styles, sizes, […]

I have diapers, wipes and a changing cloth in almost every room of my house. If I’m downstairs, I’m just too lazy to walk up to the baby’s room and get the diaper changing supplies. So I’ve got this fun Ribbon Container to hold them in, embellished with ribbon all fun and fancy. Supplies for […]

Crochet Baby Booties

by Marie on September 11, 2008

I just got my winnings from the Nie Nie auction held over at Happy Little Life. Kelly crocheted these special for my little baby! They’re going to be perfect later this Fall. To purchase the pattern for these darling booties to crochet a pair yourself, go to Kelly’s Shop. There’s still more auctions going on […]

Now that “baby” is on the brain again, I’ve been enjoying all the great tutorials out there for handmade baby items. Every kind of baby gadget is available to make yourself and as my little princess is still sleeping quite a bit, I’ve been able to steal a few minutes here and there for some […]

Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

by Marie on July 22, 2008

As my baby is quite the little spitter-upper, there’s a burp cloth in every room, on the car seat, the bouncer, and 2 in the diaper bag, Ugh, spit up. I love to use cloth diapers as they soak everything up, but instead of leaving them white and plain, I thought I’d let you in […]

Baby Pics and Diaper Bags

by Marie on June 27, 2008

***Update: Thanks for all the advice. I picked up a Skip Hop bag from Target. It fits the budget and my style, I like a basic black! Hello again! I’m having fun with my new baby. She doesn’t do much but eat, sleep, and poop – a lot. She loves to stare off into space. […]

The Baby is Here

by Jordan on June 20, 2008

This is just a quick post to let you all know that Marie had the baby! Our little baby girl was born Wednesday evening and both mom and baby are doing great. Marie was amazing before, during, and after the birth. I’d also like to give a big shout out to Steph, Marie’s sister, who […]

Spring seems to bring on the Babies. Maybe it’s just because I’m due in June with my own, but Baby Baby Baby is in the air. Here is the perfect Hand-Stitched Card for any new mother having a child. This Baby Binky Card can be made with either blue or pink thread. Follow the pattern […]

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