My girls love mixing custom paint colors for projects. Sometimes I think they like the color mixing more than the painting! Lately, we’ve been experimenting with adding white to our basic colors, creating lighter color variations called tints.  These tinted landscape paintings are a fun way for your school-age kids to experiment with mixing and […]

After you’re done marking down all the sales on fruit and vegetables from your grocery ads, cut them all apart by color and add them to a fun Earth Day Recycled Color Wheel. Supplies for Newspaper Color Wheel: grocery story ads scissors glue paper plate crayons 1. Using a crayon, either all black or the […]

Painting can be a very messy craft. But as my kids LOVE to paint, I try my best to be prepared. Here are a few quick and easy things I do to keep organized when painting with my kids. 1. Storing your watercolor paints. I keep my watercolors and my plastic tablecloth in the same […]

We got out the watercolor paints today. But to give them a little something extra, we sprinkled them with salt before they dried. It makes the picture a fun bumpy texture, giving new life to our art. When it comes to messy projects, I like to be prepared. I lined my table with a cheap […]

I know there are a lot of patterns out there for crayon rolls, but I love this Crayon Roll Tutorial by The Pleated Poppy, featured over at V and Co. These help the crayons fit so much better back into their home, rather than the crayon box it comes in where they slip and slide […]

Mom, Grandma, or even Aunties would love to receive a colorful drawing from a child. Print out these fun coloring pages and add them to your Mother’s Day gift as a cute card!

We’re getting ready for Easter with a fun Mix & Match Easter Egg Hunt. I’ve mixed up the egg’s colors and the kids are on a hunt to find their match. Hopefully they’ll learn more about colors while having fun finding Easter eggs. Supplies for Easter Egg Color Hunt:  10 plastic Easter eggs 3 white […]

As I’m itching for Spring, we’re coloring our rice green today, helping to represent green grass. My own grass is now turning from brown to green and I think this Spring project is going to give it a boost. Let’s all say it together, “Stay out SUN!” Supplies for Coloring Rice: dry white rice – […]

Coloring pasta is easy to do and gives kids something bright and beautiful to work with. Once the pasta is colored and dried, necklaces or charms can be made by stringing yarn. Supplies for Colored Pasta: Dried Pasta – any pasta works, but for stringing you will need tubed pasta. I used macaroni, penne, and […]

Color Pictures in a Photo Album

by Marie on September 16, 2008

We love looking at photo albums. My son loves to get out his baby book and see how cute he was. It’s fun to look at pictures of personal things. So I thought it would be fun to come up with a personal book of colors using pictures from around our house. Supplies for Color […]

Color Theory for Toddlers

by Marie on August 4, 2008

Today’s post is part of a Guest Post Swap. Jessica, from Zakka Life is guest posting here on Make and Takes and I’m lucky enough to be guest posting over at Zakka Life. Read here about introducing colors to children, then click over to read about The Magic of Music. This project was inspired by […]

Crayola Fun

by Marie on March 27, 2008

I have been loving the invention of this Crayola product for years. The kids love it and I am always tempted to color my own bath water!! I think these color dotz are a great alternative to bath toys that get grimey and all ridden with bacteria. They aren’t that spendy, $5 for 30 baths. […]

Crayola Color Wonder

by Marie on September 28, 2007

Hail Crayola! Thank you for continuing to come up with fabulous products for my kids and their creativity. My children’s clothing has been saved by this fantastic coloring book. The Color Wonder Coloring Book with markers is mess free!! Here is what my daughters face, arms, shirt, or mouth looks like when they are not […]

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