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Cute Little Q-Tip Spiders

by Marie on October 24, 2011

We’re on a bit of a spider kick this Halloween, they are just too fun to craft. We’re creating these sparkly little spiders using Q-tips. I’ve joined up with Q-tips to become a Tipster ambassador. Q-tips are one of those supplies in crafting that I always have on hand. They are so versatile in it’s […]

As you can see here, there are all kinds of glue. Each are unique in use and good for many kinds of crafty needs. I’m here to share a little bit about each one and what I use them for. White School Glue & Tacky Glue: These are used for pretty much the same thing, […]

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Congrats to #70 Francheska, #88 L Christensen, 220 Sav O’G, #390 Kathryn. Have fun getting crafty with your cordless glueguns! is here today, as a Make and Takes sponsor, giving away 4 of these awesome cordless glue guns! Let’s just talk for a minute […]

I’m so happy to share the photography knowledge and skills of Jessica of Mom Shots! Her blog has great tips and tricks for taking photos of kids, something I need major help with. My kids can’t sit still, I have to take 500 shots just to get the one good one! So I’ve asked Jessica […]

Is it glue, paper, crayons, OR yarn, paint and beads? Head on over to Blissful Kids and take a poll listing lots of crafty closet supplies. I’d really love to see what kind of things are on hand at your house.

Tips for Taping with Paper

by Marie on April 10, 2008

Teaching Kindergarten brought on a lot of papered projects, with lots and lots of tape. When it was time to take down the children’s paper decorations, I had a terrible time removing the tape from off the back of the paper. The tape tends to tear almost all the way through the paper. I came […]

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