Spending the Day at Disneyland

Thanks to Disneyland, we were given tickets to come and spend a day at the greatest place on earth! We’re a little bit of a nerdy Disney family. Maybe not as much as my friend Oh Amanda, but we would… Continue Reading →

Weekend Links: Disneyland Crafty Projects

As I’ve still got Disneyland on the brain, here’s a few fun Disneyland inspired projects I’ve found. I can’t wait to make the Pixie Hollow project below with a photo of my own little girl! Pixie Hollow in a Jar… Continue Reading →

8 Must Haves for a Family Disneyland Trip

Prepping for a family Disneyland trip can be quite a task. If you want to have a truly magical time, there are a few things you can do that will help make it perfect. Here’s 8 Must Haves for making… Continue Reading →

Disneyland Checklist

We are hitting the big D-Land! It is the year of a million dreams. But in order to create that dream for ourselves, there’s some preparation. Here are a few things to know before you plan or prepare your next… Continue Reading →

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