Fathers day

I recently came across a leather artisan who was selling leather scraps and scooped up a bunch for crafting. I couldn’t wait to use some in a project, and what better medium to use for gifts for dads? With Father’s Day in a couple weeks, now is the time to get crafting some handmade gifts. These […]

What better gift for dad than something homemade from the heart. Kids will love to craft up a silly snake tie, a monster bookmark, or even some family fridge magnets! Here are 9 fabulous Father’s Day crafts to make this weekend, just in time for Sunday! Make a Snake Tie Sock Puppet Golf Covers Father’s […]

We don’t usually give big gifts for Father’s Day, but we do like to celebrate Dad with a day of relaxation and yummy goodies. This year, Dad will get to spin for special treats throughout the day with our homemade Father’s Day spinner card. My girls are so excited to give this to their Dad […]

Father’s Day is approaching and I have a fun (and super easy) idea for the kids to make for Dad: Family Magnets! To make this craft, kids simply select a picture of themselves, cut it out and laminate it (or use packing tape, like we did) then surprise Dad on Father’s Day. There are endless […]

I have to say Jordan, my husband, is pretty good at storytelling. He gets very animated and his silly voices come out! There’s one funny Veggie Tales book we’ve been reading to our kids for years and each character has a different sounding voice. Jordan is really good at getting each character just right… Larry, […]

One of my most favorite things about being a mother is coming up with new traditions for my family.  Traditions are a great way to create memories and give the family something to look forward to.  However, if I have one piece of unsolicited advice on this subject, it’s to be flexible.  If the fun […]

If you’re still looking for the perfect present for Dad, here’s a great way to share your favorite memories with him. This is a freebie for a Dad Photo Album from the Crafting Chicks. Dad will be sure to love it.

This fun and simple bookmark came out of inspiration from Kari at UCreate and Becky at I Show Off Crafts. We all attended the CBC conference a few weeks back and got to talking about how people come up with creative ideas. It can simply come from naming 2 supplies like googley eyes and pipe […]

Here are a few fun Father’s Day crafts we’ve done in the past. These are sure to make dad feel glad this Father’s Day! Give Dad a snake this year! ~~~ Father’s Day Hand-Stitched Greeting Card ~~~ Magazine Collage of Dad’s Favorite Things ~~~ Giant Remote Control Gifts ~~~ Golf Club Sock Puppets…fore! What fun […]

I’m sharing a fun Father’s Day handmade gift over at Snackpicks today. We’re creating these fun little booklets to showcase the 25 things we love about Dad. Head on over to Snackpicks to see how to create your own.

One more week to get that perfect present for dear ol’ Dad! Here’s a few fun crafty ideas that he’ll be sure to love. (Click on each photo for details.)

Is the Dad in your life tired of getting a boring old tie every year for Father’s Day? Well, I snazzed up this Father’s Day tie, crafting it into something new, a snake. He may not be able to wear it, but he might be happy about that. Supplies for Snake Tie: Tie – old […]

Happy Dad’s Day

by Marie on June 14, 2008

We love our Dad. We love our Grandpa Brent. We love our Grandpa Holt. We love our fun Uncles. We love our Grandpas who have passed on, but are still with us!

Since my Dad is quite the TV watcher in his retired years, I decided to give him a “Remote Control” themed gift for Father’s Day a few years back. Here’s a chocolate cake I made with Spree candies and M&Ms for the remote’s buttons. Or should I say “clicker’s” buttons, as that’s what My Dad […]

Over the years, I have made lots of these magazine collages. They’re fun to make for yourself or give as a gift. This year for Dad, my kids made this Magazine Collage filled with all of my husband’s favorite things. (Sorry Jordan, pretend like you haven’t seen this yet when you get it on Sunday!) […]

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