food review

I love a good food blog, don’t you? They are not only fun to look at, all those drooling delicious pictures, there are really good must-try recipes! I recently went to an event with Dole Salads and met a few fabulous foodies. I’m head over heels for their amazing blogs. You must follow them too.¬†And […]

What kind of Chocoholic are you? What kind of chocolate do you put in your cookies? Do you like the creamy milk chocolate chips or the almost bitter dark semi-sweet chocolate chips? I grew up with using only semi-sweet chocolate chips, but when I got older I discovered milk chocolate chips were available too. So […]

Everyday Food Magazine

by Marie on January 14, 2008

My yearly subscription to Everyday Food Magazine has started coming in the mail. It is a like a little “food fairy” that comes every month. I love this magazine. It not only has great pictures (a must have for any cookbook), it also has great recipes. I do have to say that a few of […]

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