Gardening time is in full swing now, and plant markers are a great craft to work on this month. They serve two purposes: to distinguish between similar looking seedlings, and to add some color and whimsy to your vegetable and herb garden. Plus this simple craft is great to do with kids! Supplies for Plant Markers […]

We love to garden. Planting and growing is one thing my kids love to do with me that doesn’t feel like a chore. I don’t know if it’s the dirt they get to put their hands in or watching our vegetables grow, but it’s something we all can do together. I’m happy to partner with […]

Guest post by Carrie of Little Big Terrariums are a great craft for kids because they are fun in all stages of development. Picking out plants, containers and little figurines to go inside can be just as fun as making the terrarium and watching it grow. But let me back up a bit. What’s a […]

Gardening is in full swing and I’m happy to be showcasing some really great gardens from over at the M&T Spotlight. *Next week, I’ll be featuring all things BOY. Submit your tutorials and projects that are centered around boys to the Spotlight. Gardening Tour Planting for Beginners Garden Grow Bunting Why it’s Great to Garden […]

I’m featured over at the Creativity for Kids blog sharing a couple of fun activities and crafts for kids. The thing I love best about being a featured blogger this week is the photo they asked me to provide for them, something from when I was little. This is me in Kindergarten, helping announce the […]

Who here is ready for spring? I definitely am! My grass is starting to turn green, leaf buds are beginning on my trees, and I’m hoping the snow will keep to the mountains for now. So it’s time to start thinking about spring planting for my flower and vegetable garden. Spring Flower Garden: Last fall […]

I love to grow vegetables in my garden. I have 2 little 4×5 foot garden beds I made about 4 years ago and they’ve been providing me with fresh veggies each Summer. Last year I gave up one of the beds for a raspberry patch, leaving me with only one bed to grow vegetables. So […]

I love to grow a garden, both flower and vegetable, and it’s almost planting season. We’re waiting for the last of the cold Utah weather to pass, it’s usually safe after Mother’s Day. As we do have larger garden beds in our yard, I also want to maximize the space on my patio with some […]

I’m contributing over at Alpha Mom’s – Once Upon a Holiday again today. Come see how I paid tribute to the vegetables in my garden that have past on. RIP, Sugar Snap Pea!

Fun with Edible Nasturtiums

by Jane on September 16, 2009

Looking for something fun, edible and unusual to do with your kids? Look no further! Plant {and eat!!} nasturtiums! This summer Cate and I planted nasturtium seeds in our planter boxes, as suggested by my fabulous landscape architect friend. There are so many reasons why this was the perfect idea: The seeds are BIG, which […]

Fresh Tomato Pesto Salad

by Marie on September 2, 2009

As our garden is blooming and overflowing with tomatoes, I’ve been looking for some good recipes to use them with. My mother-in-law brought over this fresh Tomato Pesto Salad dish the other night. It was so yummy, I had to share it! Recipe: Tomato Pesto Salad 4 large tomatoes, cut into small chunks with their […]

Vanessa from I Never Grew Up is here again as my guest today. She’s sharing her knowledge on Farmers Markets and how to get the most from your Saturday morning experience. Farmer’s market season is in full bloom; fortunately they are becoming more prevalent each year in cities around the country and the world. You […]

My zucchini plant looks a lot like the beast from Little Shop of Horrors. I’m waiting for it to talk back to me and say, “Feed me, Seymour!” Anyone else’s zucchini plant taking over the garden? If so, then you too are wondering what to do with all of them! Here’s a few great Zucchini […]

Crafty Garden Markers

by Marie on May 11, 2009

We’ve just planted our summer garden and needed a few markers to label our vegetables. So we made these fun and easy foam garden markers that will make it through any rainy days and help us remember what we planted. And they also add a touch of whimsy. Supplies for Garden Markers: craft foam sheets […]

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