Have I told you how much I love my contributors?! They are the best, some of the most talented writers, bloggers, women in the biz. I’m blessed to have them on my team sharing fabulous content with us all. I’m highlighting some of their posts today, some of their best from 2012. Go to them […]

Mary’s contrary, but how does your garden grow? It’s our third year with planter boxes; though the strawberry patch, rhubarb, grape vine and fruit trees have been serving up delights since we bought the property. Another “amusement” we inherited is the mint patch that now consumes a third of the backyard lawn. I don’t mind, […]

It’s officially the first day of summer! Wahoo!! Many kids are already out of school, but my littles are finally done on Friday. FRIDAY! I’m both excited and scared. What are we going to do? Do you plan your summer? I need to plan my summer. So to help, here’s a few posts I’ve written over […]

I grew up hating yard work. Being raised in a family with three sisters and NO brothers meant that “women’s work” definitely extended outside. I still joke with my parents about having us mow the lawn as 10 year olds — seems insane to me now. Today I love growing veggies and reaping the harvest […]

Mix Up Salad Nicoise

by Lindsey on September 21, 2011

Summer has officially ended, but our garden is still producing.  The tomatoes are ripening like crazy and I bring a big bowl in each afternoon, still warm from the sun.  I can’t think of a better way to use up the last few bits of summer’s bounty than in a classic Salad Nicoise. Good salads […]

I’m sharing a few fun posts on gardening and crafts. Check them out and get inspired. And even more creative inspiration below with a few featured links submitted and featured from the M&T Spotlight. Make sure to link up your crafty creations at the Spotlight. 9 Kid-Friendly Back to School Crafts over at BabyCenter’s Momformation. […]

Guest post by Carrie of Little Big Terrariums are a great craft for kids because they are fun in all stages of development. Picking out plants, containers and little figurines to go inside can be just as fun as making the terrarium and watching it grow. But let me back up a bit. What’s a […]

Did you ever watch Fraggle Rock? Sunday nights at the Suite household made the close of the weekend bearable because of Jim Henson’s zany creations. How could we be upset at the prospect of an inevitable Monday, when metwith the spunk of Red, the angst of Weebly and the wisdom of Madame Trash Heap? Sunday […]

Gardening is in full swing and I’m happy to be showcasing some really great gardens from over at the M&T Spotlight. *Next week, I’ll be featuring all things BOY. Submit your tutorials and projects that are centered around boys to the Spotlight. Gardening Tour Planting for Beginners Garden Grow Bunting Why it’s Great to Garden […]

I’ve got dirty fingernails. I’m sorry, I know we just met. Is that too much information? But seriously, this time of year my nails seem to be in constant need of some face-time with a manicurist. But I don’t really consider it a problem; it’s more of a blessing. Because this time of year is […]

Update on My Square Foot Garden

by Marie on September 13, 2010

We’ve just about wrapped up our vegetable garden for this summer season. I’ve loved having a square foot garden, growing veggies right in my backyard. There’s just something different and yummy about growing your own food, as well as a sense of accomplishment. I really think I was able to maximize my garden space with […]

This was our zucchini from last year. It grew so much so fast that they were GIANT by the time I went out to get more. My husband decided to get creative with these over-sized zucchinis and created Nessie! It comes complete with green tomato eyes and zucchini flower horns. I love it! This year […]

I’m almost 2 months in to my summer vegetable garden and I thought I’d give you another update. Are your veggie garden’s looking this green? It’s so fun to watch as something grow from a tiny little seed or plant to turn into all this. In my small square foot garden, I was worried that […]

I couldn’t be more please with how green and growing my vegetable garden is. I’m always amazed at how a tiny seed or little plant can grow and grow with just a little water, sun, and soil. Actually, we’ve had a really wet May, so my plants are extra bushy from all the rain and […]

I love to grow vegetables in my garden. I have 2 little 4×5 foot garden beds I made about 4 years ago and they’ve been providing me with fresh veggies each Summer. Last year I gave up one of the beds for a raspberry patch, leaving me with only one bed to grow vegetables. So […]

My zucchini plant looks a lot like the beast from Little Shop of Horrors. I’m waiting for it to talk back to me and say, “Feed me, Seymour!” Anyone else’s zucchini plant taking over the garden? If so, then you too are wondering what to do with all of them! Here’s a few great Zucchini […]

Katie from Good Life Eats is here as my guest today. She’s sharing a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day, getting her garden ready to grow! In my part of the world spring has already sprung. That’s not to say that we haven’t reverted back to winter once or twice, but we’ve been lucky enough […]

Blooming Garden

by Marie on July 11, 2008

Fresh produce just can’t be beat. Once you’ve tasted a home grown tomato, you’ll never go back. Happily, my garden is doing great this year. We planted peas, tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions. In a week or so when the peas run out, I’ll be planting a zucchini and a pumpkin. I hope to have […]

Planting a Rainbow

by Marie on May 2, 2008

This week for Storytime with Make and Takes, we read Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert. With Spring planting upon us, I couldn’t resist choosing this fun and colorful story. This book talks about all the colors of the rainbow and where we see them. There’s a rainbow of colors we see in the garden […]

My Green Thumb

by Marie on May 7, 2007

This is the beginning of my Green Thumb this year. I have never really gardened and every year I add a little more to my experience. We are planning on finishing a large garden in the corner of our yard in the next couple weeks, but I can’t stand it, I needed to plant something […]

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