Summer Camp guest post by Christie of Childhood 101 Puppets are a staple play item in our home. As a teacher and a mama, I love that puppets have the capacity for so much playful learning; promoting language skills, imagination, creativity, social awareness, they are even excellent for building confidence and self esteem. Puppets are […]

Ahhh, summer breezes, playing outside, soaking up the sunshine and… ladybugs! These fun ladybugs are full of color and a great way to dress up a birthday party, a child’s bedroom, or even a back porch. Watch them twirl in the breeze on a warm summer day. To get the effect of these cute twirling […]

These cute little caterpillars are currently climbing and inching their way all around our house. With just 2 supplies, make your own simple and perfect little crafty pet. Supplies for Bead Caterpillar Pets: pipe cleaners 10-20 assorted (pony) beads for each caterpillar – big enough for a pipe cleaner to fit through 1. Cut your […]

Kid-Sized Spider Web

by Marie on October 16, 2008

After making our Laced Spider Webs and sticking flies to our Sticky Spider Webs, we thought it would be fun to make a Giant Spider Web to lace and stick ourselves into. The kids were trying hard not to get “stuck” on the spider web as they crawled through to the other side. Supplies for […]

Icky Sticky Spider Webs

by Marie on October 7, 2008

We’re getting stuck on these fun Sticky Spider Webs. As we throw our “flies” at the web, we try to see if they’ll get caught or if they can get out and fly away. Supplies for Sticky Webs: Glue Dots – you could use glue dot strips or double sided tape dark paper – preferably […]

Ants on a Log

by Marie on August 29, 2008

Ants are interesting little creatures. I know I’ve stepped on my fair share. And especially as of late, as these little bugs have been creeping all around our yard. So to become a little less of an Ant Bully, we decided to to find out more about ants for storytime. Here’s 2 great books about […]

Bug Vacuum

by Marie on July 17, 2008

One of our new Summer toys in action! My son is going crazy over his Bug Vacuum. Mostly he likes the sound the vacuum makes, bzzzzzz. We’ve been going a little bug crazy the past few months, from caterpillars and butterflies to reading books about worms (a future storytime). Now we’re on the hunt for […]

Hatching Butterflies

by Marie on June 6, 2008

We had fun watching our Caterpillars grow, form their chrysalids, and hatch into beautiful butterflies. The Painted Lady’s were amazing. We cut them fresh flowers and put drops of sugar water on them to drink. Once we let them free, my daughter wanted to get a net and catch them all back, but it was […]

We received our order of Live Caterpillars. We got them from the company called Insect Lore. I wrote about Live Butterfly Gardens earlier. We can’t wait to see what they do. Here they are the day we got them. Here they are 4 days later. Here they are 8 days later. It’s creepy how fast […]

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