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Mother’s Day Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet

I first saw these pipe cleaner flowers done by Kami at No Biggie. She shared how to make them into fun rose rings, but I thought I’d put my own little twist on them for a Mother’s Day Bouquet. You… Continue Reading →

Fun Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Mom, Grandma, or even Aunties would love to receive a colorful drawing from a child. Print out these fun coloring pages and add them to your Mother’s Day gift as a cute card!

Take a Soak with Homemade Bath Oils, Salts, and Herbs

Guest Post by Destri of The Mother Huddle: I tend to take my bath with bubbles, but lately I have discovered essential oils, salts, and herbs. It has taken my bath from ho-hum to deserving of a Calgon commercial. Plus… Continue Reading →

What We’ve Made for Mom on Mother’s Day

Here are just a few of the things we’ve made for Mom in the past. There are also some fun ideas for the kids to get involved. We love Mom! Handmade Photo Cube ~~~ WOW card for MOM ~~~ Picture… Continue Reading →

Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mama

An early present for all you Moms, Mommies, and Mamas out there – Happy Mother’s Day! Can you relate to that clip as much as I can? It’s Stewie from the Family Guy doing exactly what I hear all day… Continue Reading →

Tom and Lucy’s Art Shoppe is Almost Here

Hey, all you Utah readers! It’s that time again for the Spring Show of Tom and Lucy’s Art Shoppe. In just one week, hop on over to shop at this 3 day boutique event, April 22, 23, 24th. Here’s just… Continue Reading →

Create a Fancy Flower Card

I love the beautiful ‘flower girls’ from Elsa Mora, first seen at The Crafty Crow. Ever since I saw them, I couldn’t wait to make one of my own. So we’ve crafted a few of these fancy flower girls onto… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Crafty Link Love

Here’s some fun Mother’s Day Craft ideas from all around. What have you been making for Mom? Great Mother’s Day Giveaways – Something for You: Whole Lotta Momma Loot Weight Watchers Membership Stamped Jewelry Necklace Fablehaven Fun – I’m reading… Continue Reading →

Etch a Glass Vase for Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, sometimes it’s hard to know what to get that lovely lady! So I’m etching a glass vase for my mom and mother in law this year, putting some fresh flowers in for their special day…. Continue Reading →

Picture Perfect Centerpieces

Lisa from Well Grounded Life is here sharing a fun craft for showcasing your kids. These centerpieces would make a great gift for upcoming Mother’s Day! I love family celebrations and parties.  One of my favorite parts is to think… Continue Reading →

Happy Mom’s Day

Happy to be Mom to 2, almost 3 kids. Happy to have my Mom close by and so helpful. Happy to have a great Mother in law. Happy to have my sister’s and their greatness. Happy to have 2 living… Continue Reading →

WOW Card Trick for MOM

Here’s a fun card for Mom at Mother’s Day. It can be made for grandma or any other mom in your life. It’s also a great activity for students to do in class, to take home to their Moms! Fold… Continue Reading →

A Bookmark for Mom

For Mother’s Day a few years back, my sweet hubby made me the bookmark on the right (I know, very creative!). It has been my favorite gift, I love looking at the photos of my cuties. The next year, we… Continue Reading →

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