Pollen and Pregnancy

My Hay fever is here and can I tell you that pregnancy and allergies don’t mix! Anyone who has been pregnant knows the loss of bladder control is very apparent, especially when one sneezes. Well, try to imagine sneezing close… Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Websites

Being “with child” as I am (5 months) I will often visit a few of my favorite pregnancy websites and see what this thing inside me looks like, what it’s doing, and why I am now experiencing the dreaded heart… Continue Reading →

To Find Out or To Not Find Out

We are getting an ultrasound on our baby this next week. The question that we have been faced with is “Should we find out the gender of the baby or wait until it is born?” We currently have one boy… Continue Reading →

The Energizer Bunny

My son was experiencing a lot of energy the other day and we asked him why he had so much. He said it was because he was full of batteries! Well, that is how I feel. HOORAY! I am out… Continue Reading →

The Unexpected Package

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a lovely unexpected package sent from Kelly dear! Yesterday, I opened up the box that came from the UPS guy and was trying to figure out what I had ordered. Then… Continue Reading →

Who Named it Morning Sickness?

I am sorry, but most pregnant people I know can say that “morning sickness” is not only in the morning. Who ever came up with that term should be tortured. My pregnancy hormones just won’t settle in for the winter…. Continue Reading →

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