Ready or Not… Christmas is Coming!

Are you ready? What else is there to buy? What item am I missing out on? I try to get my shopping done early, but there always seems to be one or two presents I get last minute. Here’s a… Continue Reading →

Fizzy Lizzy Giveaway

I’ve written before about carbonated fruit drinks and how much I love them. Well, have you tried Fizzy Lizzy? This fizzy lady is an all natural sparkling fruit drink, with “no gunk and no junk”. You can’t get more natural… Continue Reading →

A Case of the IZZE

Look what’s at Costco! I just picked up a case of this Fizzy Lifting Drink! Oh, the Fizz of IZZE. We’re also enjoying this case of Mexican Coke also available at Costco. Maybe a Father’s Day gift. Or Dad may… Continue Reading →

Oil and Vinegar

When I cook Italian food for dinner or anytime we have bread as a side item, we dip our bread into Oil and Vinegar. To be more specific, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Thanks to Macaroni Grill, we… Continue Reading →

Not So Pearly White Sink

I have a white porcelain kitchen sink. That should be all I have to tell you in realizing my cleaning dilemma. It gets so gross looking, but I promise it’s clean. There are food stains and metal dish marks that… Continue Reading →

Mops are Popping my Top

I have gone through every mop there is. I need some help in choosing a new one. I like to “deep clean” mop every so often, but then I like to “clean up” mop a couple times a week. I… Continue Reading →

The Cleaning Lady Came Today

That’s me. But if I had a cleaning lady, she too would tell you to go out and buy the Magic Eraser. I got to cleaning the walls in my house, it looks as if I have wallpaper when I… Continue Reading →

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