Save Energy & Your Valuables

by Sabrena on February 20, 2014

It sounds cooler to say “I was robbed,” but I guess if we’re being grammatically correct, the term would be “burglarized.” I don’t tell you this to put a damper on your mood. Make and Takes is a place we come to for joy and to find fun and positive ideas for our kids and […]

I started swimming competitively when I was ten years old.  Twenty five years later–after Country Club Meets, swim team in high school and a few triathalons in my history–I can also add more than 10 years teaching swim lessons as part of my resume. During that time, I’ve seen first hand how water independence can […]

Meet Your Local Firefighters

by Marie on September 19, 2008

After reading Clifford the Firehouse Dog by Norman Bridwell for storytime, we were able to visit a fire station and learn even more about fire safety. If you call ahead to almost any fire station, they’ll take you on a tour of where they live and what they do. (Some fire stations may prefer to […]

Stay Safe This Halloween

by Marie on October 30, 2007

With all the ghost and goblins running through the streets, help your kids stay safe this Halloween with some of these great websites. There are tips and great guides for your Halloween Haunting. Halloween Safety Tip Websites: Halloween Safety Game – Take the quiz. Are your kids ready to stay safe? Halloween Safety National Safety […]

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