I love to celebrate Teacher Appreciation, going on this week May 5th-9th. It helps remind me of the great things our teachers do. It’s always nice to receive a little extra love from your students. Because some days, being a teacher is the hardest job around.

My suggestion for your gift to a teacher is a classroom donation. We all know a teacher’s salary is limited, so helping fill up the classroom is the best gift you could give. Either make a guess at what your child’s classroom may need or simply ask the teacher what they would love to have on hand. Most teachers will be eager to tell you what they could use for the classroom and their students.

Here’s a few things I’m sure your child’s classroom could use for any grade:

  • Books Books Books, Teacher Appreciation Day by Lynn Plourde
  • puzzles
  • new computer games
  • play dough and Placemats
  • pencils and pencil holder
  • wet wipes and hand sanitizer
  • glue sticks
  • post it notes and holder
  • maps
  • calculators
  • blocks or Legos
  • science supplies: magnets, magnifying glass, rocks, shells
  • craft supplies: paint, crayons, markers

Here are a few other sites to visit with great gift ideas for teacher:

Big thanks to my son’s preschool teacher. He has been lucky to have her for 2 years of preschool. My daughter will be doing the same this fall and she can’t wait to start.

Thanks to all our teachers out there, and know that we love what you do!