I’m an avid book reader. Now, my husband wants to claim that teenage sci-fi romance novels aren’t books, but then I remind him that he has a stack of zombie fiction on his nightstand! And I’ve mentioned before that I love science fiction and fantasy, I eat. it. up. Especially with the recent Twilight series (team Edward), followed by Hunger Games (team Katniss), and now a whole slew of dystopian futuristic novels that have come out. I love it. Yes, every single one of them are usually about one girl who doesn’t know who to choose between two guys, and she always saves the day. Awesome! 

So imagine my pure joy when I can have my teen sci-fi romances everywhere I go!

In comes all sorts of fun book apps for my new smartphone, a Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone. My new favorite app is Audible. You can download books and listen to them in the car or while you do housework, like my fav book Hunger Games. I put on my fuzzy pink headphones and listen to my juicy teenage novels while I clean the bathroom. It’s the best and makes me forget I’m cleaning toilets!

Or here’s the kindle app, which I love and can read when I’m at the park, on the couch, or even late at night in bed. With your phone, it’s backlit so you can read in bed and don’t have to keep the light on.

What about you? Are you a teenage sci-fi romance fan? What are you reading? I need a few more to add to my phone!!


*Disclosure. This is one of three sponsored posts by Windows Phone, however all opinions about loving my books and apps are my own.