I first became aware of IZZE when I was eating at Noodles. I love everything grapefruit, anything sour, so I picked it up out of the refrigerated case and became a fan right then and there. It is a little treat all on it’s own. They have it in bottle form, which I love. There is something so perfect about a beverage in a bottle, like Thomas Kemper too.


It is my new “fizzy lifting drink”, and it’s now available in stores, hooray. I just bought a 4-pack and guzzled them all down. I noticed on my last sip the writing on the can. IZZE is naturally sweet and I didn’t even know. “No refined sugar, no caffeine, no artificial anything, ever. It’s just natural fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water.” How great. I would have downed it with all that yucky added sugar in it, but I don’t have to because it is perfectly good for me. What are your favorite “fizzy lifting drinks”?