Working Out or Eating Healthy. Am I right? Well, both are on my list this year and I’m gearing up to stay on the “workout train” for longer than a few weeks! Here’s a few things helping me stay on track to healthy town.

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Working Out

  • The Gym: I have a gym membership, but I’m embarrassed to actually see if they track how many times I’ve been. Yikes. I even have the pre-paid day care, which my kids love. So I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I love to take classes, feeling the energy in the room. I was into Zumba and loved it. So the first thing for me to do is check out what day and time they offer Zumba, then go!
  • P90X: I love these workouts! Tony is the best. He’s super ripped, says all kinds of cheesy funny things, and his workouts keep me coming back. Workout videos are great for when you don’t want to feel pressure at the gym or when you have just a quick minute to get a workout in. I mix these videos in with some snowboarding days, and now a day or two of Zumba. Here’s a little saying we love of Tony’s:

Eating Right

  • Sugar Withdrawals: I wrote a post a while back about Tips to Curb Your Appetite, and I’m back at using those tips. I’ve been on sugar overload since the Holidays and I’m ready to kick the sugar addiction! So to help me through the “shakes”, I’m chewing on gum, drinking water, and I’ve made sure to have simple snacks on hand.
  • Dinner Time: I wrote a post this week over at BabyCenter’s Momformation about Making a resolution for meal time. I’m trying to get better at cooking dinner at home, helping us stay away from over eating and sometimes unhealthy yummy restaurant food!

Sticking with the Plan

  • Keeping a Chart: I just found this great printable from 30 Handmade Days and I love it. I’ve printed some off and am going to try to track my eating. I love that she’s listed 8 bubbles to fill in 8 cups of water each day.
  • Get a Partner: I’m rallying everyone I know to join me, some with enthusiastic yes’s, and some a little more reluctant. But I’ve found a little crew who is in this with me. I know it’s going to help to check in on each other.

Did you set a working out or eating healthy resolution? Now, if you tell me, then I’m going to hold you accountable. Do it with me and let’s try to get to at least 30 days…and then we’ll go from there.