Here’s a few places I’ve been posting this week. A little Frosty snack, as well as getting the house ready with a few Valentine projects.

  • This Rice Krispie snowman from Snackpicks is dipped in powdered sugar snow to keep him cool! We had fun building him.

  • We’re lining our steps with these Valentine Paper Bag Luminaries from BabyCenter’s Momformation. You know how I love luminaries, I couldn’t resist these fun ones for Valentine’s Day.

  • If you’re ready to prep your Valentine day treats, these Heart Paper Pockets from Craftzine are perfect to hand stitch for the kids in your child’s class.

  • There are lots of Valentine’s conversations going on over at The Blog Frog. Share your Valentine Classroom Party ideas, or come read what others are doing to make their holiday a success.