Our family loves the children’s story book, “Guess How Much I Love You?” It’s about a small rabbit who keeps telling the big rabbit that he loves him bigger than he can stretch his arms, or higher than he can jump, or all the way up to the Moon. But the Bigger Rabbit can always stretch more, or jump higher, and tells the small rabbit that he loves him to the moon… and back!

Since reading that as a family about 2 years ago, we have always said how much we love each other. Usually we say, “I love you to the Moon and back”. But now it has turned into many other things. My son will say that he loves us to the clouds and back, or the grass and back, or to the stars and back. We love this, it has special meaning for our little family.

We also heard this phrase from another family in our first neighborhood that we lived in. Their family always said, “Remember, you’re loved at home” right before any of them left the house, then children who went off to school would always know that they were loved at home. Even their youngest child one time, yelled to their oldest sibling as he was walking into the high school, “Remember you’re loved at home”. Jordan and I loved that story so much that we have adopted that saying too. We’ve tweaked it a little to make it our own. For our family it is, “Toodles! You’re loved at Home!” No one can leave the house without someone saying it to them. My son will usually yell it out as one of us is driving out of the garage. I love it!

I want to know what your special family “phrases” are to each other. What fun things do you say to each other as someone is coming to and from your home?

“Toodles, loved at home!”