I have a big place in my heart for kids and any type of organization that can help them succeed is amazing in my eyes. So when I first saw this commercial about the Members Project helping the Harlem Children’s Zone weeks ago, I was really impressed with how a credit card company was giving back.

I was happy to help when Members Project from American Express and TakePart.com, a Make and Takes sponsor, asked me to spread the word about this great project and how anyone, even non-card carrying people, can get involved!

There are 3 ways to make a difference: Vote, Volunteer, or Donate. With many charities and organizations to choose from, you’ll be sure to find someone close to you to help. And they’ve made it easy to get involved with your community, locally and globally.

  • Vote: American Express is going to donate $200,000 to a new charity every 3 months. But they want your input, helping vote for a charity that should be the recipient. Join and vote today.
  • Volunteer: They’ve made it easy to help in your own community. Just type in your location and a list of organizations are all there ready for you to choose from. You can also submit your own charity or organization that might need volunteers. And as a bonus if you’re a card member, you’re eligible to receive Membership Rewards when you volunteer!
  • Donate: If you’re able, they’d love for you to financially help with a cause, or even donate your Membership Rewards points. It can be toward a Members Project or choose from over 1 million other charities.

I’ve signed up and voted, excited to see who this quarter’s recipient will be. If you can, take a moment to help by signing up to vote, volunteer, or donate!