You may find yourself out on the road, traveling the interstate from point A to point B. If so, then The Next Exit is going to be your bestfriend. It’s “interstate travel made easy”!

The Next EXIT® is the most complete U.S. Interstate Highway exit directory ever printed. You’ll find a thorough exit-by-exit listing of every service you will ever need while traveling including food, gas, lodging, camping, shopping, and much more. This “Exit Bible” will enhance your traveling experience. Never take the wrong exit again with the Next EXIT®!

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of their printed guide (I’m in with the owners) and I can’t wait to take it for a spin on our next family vacation. I’m starting a fun new series for the summer called Make and Takes on the GO and this guide is going to help us as we drive, with kids, 12 hours to the beach!

So when the kids yell out for a potty break or we’re almost out of gas or it’s time to refill mama’s beverage, then we’ll have our handy dandy Next Exit Bible to help us find the nearest stop!

Are you planning any loooooong summer road trips?