I love eveything there is about this movie. The dancing, the flirting, the singing. Sometimes I love Bob Wallace more, then sometimes I love Phil Davis more. Then I don’t know which sister I think is more beautiful. It was always Judy growing up because she is small and pretty, but now I have come to admire Betty’s maturity and I love the silly banter between her and Bob! And they all make the Major General so happy!!


Of course my favorite part of the whole movie is the perfomance, “Sisters, Sisters”. My sisters and I performed this little number at my wedding brunch. It was a hit. Then we did it again at my sister’s wedding, but this time we got our brothers involved. We have been trying to get the in-laws into it next time, but I don’t think they will ever go for it, right Jordan?

White Christmas Sisters

What favorite movie classics are you watching this Christmas season?