I am sorry, but most pregnant people I know can say that “morning sickness” is not only in the morning. Who ever came up with that term should be tortured. My pregnancy hormones just won’t settle in for the winter. With each child, it has gotten longer and longer. Gratefully, I only puked a few times this go around. And I was given a Christmas wish on Christmas Eve with 2 days of being nausea free. I thought is was over, but it came right back. I am better now than at the beginning, but I think I have finally come to terms that it is never going away. And until my belly started to pop out, I was under the impression that I had a serious illness. Thankfully, there is a baby inside and eventually the “morning sickness” will have to end, at least come June.

The last 17 weeks have been a blur. There are some days I don’t remember how my kids got fed or if their bodies were bathed. We have gotten some good use out of the television. I did give the kids a 6 hour a day limit at least! Here are a few things that got me through these never-ending weeks.

  • I have been a big fan of reading and watching movies. I would rather know about other people’s problems than decide what to make for dinner (of which I wouldn’t be eating anyway.)
  • I re-read the Twilight series and took comfort in Edward’s affection for Bella. Jordan does a pretty good job, but I think he is ready for this “morning sickness” to settle down too.
  • I hit up every Jane Austen movie that A&E makes.
  • I eat at least one orange a day.
  • Anything sour is divine. Loving Simply Lemonade.
  • Sprite, IZZE, or anything that has carbonation.
  • I ordered My Girlfriend’s Kitchen online and was able to pick up meals prepared for me.

How have you coped with the “side effects” of Pregnancy? As I am still feeling those effects, I am in dire need of some new distractions. Help!