Who Wouldn’t Love This Email?

The days of technology are here and sending things through the regular mail are almost non-existent for me. With lots of family that live out of town, we now send personal emails for birthdays, Father’s day, or graduations. I have tried in the past sending paper greeting cards to everyone, but for some reason, it is hard for me to get to the post office or out to buy stamps. So I have been sending “Picture Email Cards“.


I will put my kids on the couch, the floor, or on a bed, and take their picture. But first we make large signs that are the message for the Picture Email. My kids decorate the signs and in big black letters I put “Happy Birthday Grandpa” or “Congrats, Queen Marci” (for Aunt Marci who won Homecoming Queen). We also made crowns for Queen Marci’s picture. Lucy kept trying to take it off!

june-015.jpg marciqueen-003.jpg

We have done this a few times and I love it. My brother-in-law, Jeremy, was recently an LDS missionary in Bulgaria and was able to get email once a week. It was fun to email him a picture card for his Birthday, when mailing a “snail mail” letter can take soooooo long! (Lucy was sad in this picture because we wouldn’t let her eat the sign! A corner is already missing.)


It makes the email much more personal with a photo of 2 cute kids. This also works well if you are late for a birthday too. People just seem to forget that you were late when they get a laugh out of the picture you send.

Have fun sending your Picture Emails! If you are close family or friends, be watching your Inbox for a picture email card from our family :)

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