Your Prescription for Kitchen Sanity

Ciaran is here from PopShopology as my guest today. She’s prescribing some kitchen essentials to help us Stay Sane In the Kitchen.

Do you find yourself drawn to housewares when you’ve had a bad day? Is Williams-Sonoma your “Happy Place”? Here’s five retail therapy prescriptions sure to lift the spirits of a gadget freak, without having to book a session with shrink!

For: Empty Nest Syndrome, Cute-a-holics

Missing your kids? Want to make breakfast more special while they are still little? This mini egg pan is just adorable and will cook up perfect egg sandwich sized sunnies every time.

For: Clumsiness, Embarrassment, Stick in the mud syndrome

Do you shy away from the unfamiliar for fear of food falling all over you? Now even spazzy peeps can get down with the chopsticks! In all those fun colors, no one will ever suspect that you used to be so uncool.

For: Boredom, Fussiness, Underachievers

Is your kid’s lunchbox a snooze fest? Sick of the same old sandwiches? How about packing an Octodog! Suddenly you’re supermom!

For: Control Freaks, Middle Managers, Those in need of Cheering up

You know how your kids want to help you, and then they do it wrong, and you yell and they cry and then everyone ends up muttering something about wire hangers? Finally there is a fun and important task that they can do well, without your having to freak out or anyone losing an eye. The cherry chomper works like a charm on those pesky pits.

For: Sluggishness, Flatness, Putting on the Ritz

Has your life lost it’s sparkle somewhat lately? Could you use a little lift? How about a little fizz? Put a little soignee sizzle in your daily beverage selection with this adorable soda maker. It’s so cute that you have to smile and it works so well it’s just amazing! Good for the environment and your wallet. One soda canister makes hundreds of beverages using your own tap water.

Thanks, Ciaran. You can see more ‘Retail Therapy’ over at her blog PopShopology. Or check out here twitter page Momfluential!

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