10 April Fool’s Day Pranks for the Whole Family!

My little boys are shaking in their boots. Come April Fool’s Day, mom is getting some serious revenge.  I literally cannot tell you HOW many times I have drenched my clothes, because they put a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer.  Those little terds are constantly scouring the internet for April Fool’s Day pranks to do around the house…I’ve seen ketchup in place of red nail polish, baby powder in place of shampoo, trip wires, yellow food coloring in the toilet, nasty additives in my water bottle, squirt gun blasting (of cold water) while in the shower, fake bugs in beds, cups of water on top of the door, just to name a few!  I’m hoping it’s just a stage. :)

To get them back for all their mischief, I’ve been studying up, asking around, and preparing for an all out war.  Unfortunately, I warned them…and, they’re doing the same.  Don’t say anything, but I’m kinda scared.  I have to keep announcing the rule of our war, “no ruining anybody’s stuff.”  But, they’re 10 and 7 years old, so we’ll see how that goes.

Want in on the battle plan??

I found several great ideas that I’m contemplating…

April Fool's Day Pranks for the Family

10 April Fool’s Day Pranks for the Whole Family!

1.  I’ve always heard to keep your enemies close, so I’m thinking we’ll start off the morning with breakfast, together.  And, for breakfast, I’m talking an ice cream sundae bar.  “Kids, come and get breakfast!”  What?  No eggs, pancakes, cereal?  Nope.  Ice cream, brownies, bananas, bowls of different candies, hot fudge sauce, whip cream, and sooooooo on.  They’ll be utterly confused, wondering if I’ve already waved my white flag.  A perfect state of mind for launching my surprise attacks.

2.  I’m thinking a little food coloring or syrup in the soap dispenser would be nice…

3.  All their clean underwear on the ceiling fan…

4.  A little frosting in their toothpaste.

5.  The kids are never allowed to drink their daddy’s Mountain Dew, until April Fool’s Day, when it’s been switched out for pickle juice.  Yum!

6.  Switch out the bottle of blue Windex (cleaned really well), for blue GatorAid.  Giving my mouth a few sprays, while they help me clean up.

7.  Mouse poop in their beds! (A.K.A. dry rice painted black)  “I told you to stop eating in your bed!  Now, look!  You’ve got mice!”

8.  How about a little treat?  Oreos and milk….or really Oreo’s with toothpaste filling.  Ick!

9.  Maybe I’ll show them the new science experiment I learned.  They’re all about science experiments.  A stick of butter, at room temperature, on a plate, generously covered in salt, produces heat.  Did you know that?  Put your hand over it to feel the heat.  “Ha! Just kidding,” as I slap their hand into the butter.  What a nice mom.

10.  After I wear them out and they’re nice and comfy in their beds…squirt gun attack!  They will rue the day that they ever messed with me.

Oh, and let me tell you…I have the perfect one for my husband!  I figure if I’m going to start a war, might as well go big.  He is so in love with his precious truck, it’s crazy.  So, I’m thinking of wrapping some duck tape around his side view mirror, as if it’s holding it on to the truck.  When he notices, I’ll sheepishly say, “Sorry.  I bumped the side of the garage.  The duck tape fixed it pretty good, but I wasn’t able to get that scratch out of the side.”  Sucka.

Have a fun holiday!

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*photo via Maarten van den Heuvel

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