101 Ideas for Washi Tape Crafts

Have you joined the washi tape craze? We sure have. It’s the best! I love it for jazzing things up, it always gives that little extra bit of flare. I also love it for my kids to use for decorating. It’s mess-free and so easy for them to use. Hooray for washi tape crafts! So I’m in love with this new craft book by makerĀ Courtney Cerruti. It’s called Washi Tape: 101+ ideas for all the crafts!!

101 Washi Tape Crafts Idea Book

There are really so many great ideas for using washi tape. From frames and cupcakes to banglesĀ and nail art! Go buy this book!

Washi Tape Crafts Book

Want more washi tape ideas?

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