5 Ways to Organize and Display Your Child’s Artwork

When your child’s artwork starts overtaking the refrigerator, it’s time for a better display system to display your child’s artwork. Here are 5 ways to get organized!


With so much artwork coming in every day, figuring out where to put it all can get overwhelming. The first thing you need to do is create a “zone” for the artwork. Decide on one place where you will set up your display that is devoted to nothing but art. It might be a wall in the kitchen or someplace in each child’s room. Creating a “zone” will keep everything from looking cluttered and messy.

5 Ways to Organize and Display Your Child’s Artwork

1. Frame it:

Framing the artwork gives it a feeling of importance and also looks very neat.  Let your child choose only his favorite pieces to frame and then swap them out each month.  One of my favorite frames also doubles as storage.  The Dynamic Artwork Frame opens to store up to 50 other pieces of art. When you are ready for a change in artwork, just open it up and put the new one on top.  Clear acrylic frames are also great because you can easily slip artwork in and out without having to take the frame down.

Kid's Art Framed2. Hang it:

Set up curtain rods and hang the artwork using the clips.  You could set up one long one or multiple rows if your space is more narrow.  An even cheaper option is to use a clothesline and clothespins to hang everything.  Just use a screw-in hook to attach the clothesline to each side of the wall.

Kids Art Displayed on a Curtain Rod

3. Magnetic Paint:

Create a special art zone by painting a large square on the wall using magnetic paint.  Make sure you use some good heavy-duty magnets to make sure everything stays in place.

Kids art displayed on Magnetic paint

4. Cut it out:

Use the artwork to create something new. Cut pictures into different animals using these templates and frame for a more permanent art piece. Here’s an example from Sarah Jane Studios.

Kids Art Cut out and Framed

5. Make a Digital Book:

It is hard to save everything your kids bring home. Save the best ones and try not to be sad as you throw everything else away. Scan the artwork into your computer or take a digital picture of each one. Load the images onto a photo site such as Snapfish of Shutterfly and create book to preserve all the memories.

What are some of the ways you organize and display your child’s artwork?

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