I HAVE to share some of my favorite kids craft website with you all today. Each are full of amazing, entertaining, and educational crafts for kids. I’m in awe of the wonderful things they all post, very inspiring. You must check them out!

  • Tinker Lab: Lots of tinkering going on. These are the good and messy kind, really diving in to projects.

  • Chalk in my Pocket: Play and discovery. Celebrating those moments that pop up in the everyday.

  • Childhood 101: From crafting to parenting, lots of playing, learning, and growing.

  • No Time for Flash Cards: There’s no time for flash cards with the fabulous crafts, storybooks, and activities going on here.

  • Crafts by Amanda: She’s got those simple and easy craft ideas that look great using only a few supplies.

  • Filth Wizardry: One of my favorites, they know how to get creative and explore the world around us.

Here are even more amazing sites. Check out these 50 Amazing Craft Blogs!