A Quick Grilled Cheese Sandwich Trick

Grilled cheese sandwiches are made in many different ways, something I learned this last weekend at the Grilled Cheese Invitational. Today, for my own grilled cheese masterpiece, I’m sharing something I learned from a Make and Takes reader. Thanks to Jody, who commented on the Homemade Bread Crumbs post, I’ve been making good use of the ends of the bread loaf.

Grilled Cheese Supplies

I’ve even seen this done with hamburger buns too, flipping the outsides in!

Inverted Bread Cheese Sandwich

As you can see, you can’t tell the difference. And with that Kraft Singles cheese oozing out the middle, my kids are none the wiser, eating them with continued happiness. Hooray!

Eat a Grilled Cheese

What ingredients are in your favorite Grilled Cheese Recipe? Can your share your secrets, or are you saving them for next year’s Grilled Cheese Invitational?

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