A Simplistic Book, An Awesome Book, and a Book of Beasties!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Congrats to #29 Quinn B who won Organized Simplicity, #20 Vanessa who won an Awesome Book of Thanks, and #7 Anne Marie who won a book of Beasties! Have fun with your Winter reading!

I have a few new books to share with you: a simplistic one for you, an awesome one for kids, and a beasties one for you to make with kids! And you have a chance to win one of each.

  • My good friend Simple Mom has just come out with a book to help us all get a little more simplistic with our organizing. I need this. Organized Simplicity is helping me with cleaning, management, and finances. They are practical changes for simple living. Love that.

  • Last year Dallas Clayton came out with his first children’s picture book, An Awesome Book. It’s a whimsical friendly story full of imagination. And now to say thank you for how well his first book was received, he’s just come out with his second book, An Awesome Book of Thanks. Here’s Dallas Clayton in a funny little video letting us in on what his new book is all about!

  • Beasties is a darling book of patterns, creating these cool and funky characters by crafter Diana Schoenbrun. I’ve let my kids choose which one they want me to try my sewing hand at, and will try to sew them one for Christmas. And the best part of these, they are not perfect. So if I end up giving it a 3rd arm, it probably won’t matter!

Each of these authors would love to gift one of these books to you. There are 3 books and will be 3 winners, hooray!


Giveaway Entries: To be entered to win one of the 3 books listed above, leave a comment on this post by Thursday, November 25th at midnight, telling what fun book you’ve been reading. I’ll announce the 3 winners on Friday, November 26th. Good luck!

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