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Making Fun Apple Prints

Apples are one of my favorite things about fall. There are so many things to do with apples. Even though they are available most of the year, they are best in the fall. My parents have many apple trees and it is fun to go and pick some. I picked a few extra for this great project you can do with your kids. Apple Prints are easy and fun to do, making a beautiful picture of fall.

Stamping Apples in Paint for a fun Apple Print

Supplies for Apple Printing:

  • paint, acrylic paint works great
  • apples,
  • popsicle sticks,
  • plates

Supplies for Apple Print Pictures

1. Pour some paint onto a paper plate. You can use the paint as is, or you can mix it with a little water for a lighter stamp look. I ended up keeping my paint water free, as it gave it a richer look.

2. Next, cut your apples. You need to cut them as straight and flat as possible. If they are not flat, paint won’t show up on the paper in certain spots. You can cut your apple all different ways. One side below shows the fun star shape from the center, or cutting lengthwise will show the apples true shape. Both are fun.

3. Take a stick and put it in the top end of the apple to give your stamp a handle.

Stamping Apples for Printing

4. Then dip your apple in paint, and stamp. You may need to rock the apple back and forth to make sure the stamp got all sides of paint on the paper.

Stamping Apples for fun Prints

Have you done your apple picking yet for Fall?


  1. you are such a cute mom when I grow up I want to be like you. I have my bird feeder supplies and I plan to email you the photos when we do that project. I am going to do this too.

  2. i remember doing this in preschool and kindergarten

    i always thought it was a waste of perfectly good apples, but fun nevertheless xD

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