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Back to School Personalized Notebooks

Back to School Personalized Notebooks

Can you believe school is heading our way? Some of you might already be there, back at the new school year. We’ve got school supplies a plenty showcased all over the stores, you can’t miss the inexpensive pencils, crayons, and glue. We even scored the cheap spiral bound notebooks for uber cheap.

Back to School Notebooks

My kids love to doodle and sketch in these notebooks. We dressed them up a little bit to make them a little more personal, cutting out magazine images that represent all the fun things they love. AND I’m thrilled to say that I’m sharing this fun tutorial at Martha Stewart! Head on over to their Family Room blog and you’ll see my kids creating these fun personalized notebooks.

Back to School Notebooks




  1. Thank to you my teacher is making me do that for a grade! I’m in 8th grade! I have no time for fun and games and my teacher makes me do it! WHY!

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