Pipe cleaner and craft beads go hand in hand. If my kids need something to do, I pull out the container with these two supplies. They’re easy for little hands and the beads stay put on the pipe cleaner. Here we made Christmas Ornaments out of pipe cleaner and beads. They’re super simple and add some homemade charm to our Christmas tree.

Handmade Beaded Ornaments

Bead Your Own Ornaments


  • pipe cleaner
  • craft beads

Supplies for Handmade Beaded Ornaments

For the Star:

  • place yellow beads onto yellow pipe cleaner. Leave a little space at each end to twist them together. Then form the 5 points of the star with your hands. I used the twisted end as the top point. Then I attached a small piece of pipe cleaner to the top point to make a hook for the tree.

For the Candy Cane:

  • on a red or white pipe cleaner, place alternating red and white beads. Leave a little space at each end. Then curl each end in to hole the beads into place. This ornament is also great for kids to work on pattern making.

For the Ball:

  • this one is the easiest for the really little ones. Let them place whatever color beads on any color pipe cleaner. Just leave a little space on each end to twist. Then attach a small piece of pipe cleaner to the top to make a hook, just like the star. If you make a smaller ball, you can form the two ends into a hook without adding an extra piece of pipe cleaner. This ornament can also be turned into a pattern, helping kids practice different types of patterns.

For the Tree:

  • use a brown pipe cleaner and place alternating beads onto it. We used green and red, but any color bead could be used for the “lights” on the tree. Then twist the two ends together and form a hook at the top with the extra pipe cleaner or add another small piece of pipe cleaner to the top. Then form a triangle shape with your hands, making the tree shape. Then add a small piece of brown pipe cleaner to the bottom and twist it onto the bottom of the tree, also forming it with your hands into square edges.

We’re now hanging our beaded ornaments from our tree. We’ll be giving a few to our Grandmas as well.

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