Candy Cane Hearts

This is a great way to use up all the extra candy canes that are left over from the Christmas holiday. My neighbor shared this great idea for forming two candy canes into one big heart. It’s perfect for Valentines.


Make sure you take the plastic off the candy canes first. Place your candy canes on a silicon baking mat on a baking pan or with a pan that has vegetable spray. I arranged them how I wanted them to look when they were done, but they do come out soft and you can mold them later. Set your oven to 250 degrees and cook them for 10 minutes. Right out of the oven they should be playable and easy to mold, caution – they may be warm/hot to the touch. I was easily able to mold them however I wanted. I smooshed the bottoms together and the tops together. I let them cool, placing them in my fridge for faster cooling. Now you can eat them, give them as gifts, or use them as decorations for this Valentine’s Day. They would be cute hanging with a red ribbon.


I never knew I could soften candy canes up and shape them. I think I will have to find more things to mold them into. I didn’t have any of the little candy canes left over, but those would be perfect little Valentine treats. Also, my son was wanting to make the candy canes into letters. I will be buying a few extra candy canes this next December for fun projects, not to mention Peppermint Whipped Cream. Have fun melting and molding away!

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