Crochet-A-Day: Chain Stitch Necklace

We’re still on the chain-train, woot woot, with our Crochet-A-Day series! Head over to our last post about Chain Stitch Wrapping Ribbon for a quick tutorial on making a long crocheted chain stitch piece. Now we’re going to be chaining yarn ’til our fingers fall off, crocheting Chain Stitch Necklaces!

Crocheting a Chain Stitch Necklace #crochetaday

These necklaces make great gifts for giving something new, different, and sassy to your friends and loved ones. Even my kids love wearing them too.

Chain Stitch Crochet Necklace #crochetaday

They’re simple and fun to crochet!

Supplies for Chain Stitch Necklaces:

  • yarn – any color or gauge
  • crochet hook – size depending on your yarn gauge
  • scissors
  • crochet needle

You can do this a few different ways:

1. I used 3 different colors of yarn and blended them together as one piece of yarn. Just to give it some flare and make it a little more chunky.

Blending 3 Colors of Yarn together for Crochet #crochetaday

Chain one long piece, forEVER! Once you can wrap it around your neck 4-6 times, tie the ends together in a knot. Use a crochet needle to hide the ends back through the piece.

Wrapping Chain Stitch Necklace #crochetaday

Now it’s ready to wrap, long or short. I like it as a tight neck piece.

Wearing a Crochet Chain Stitch Necklace #crochetaday

2. With the gray necklace, chain stitch one long piece. Wrap them into 5 loops and¬†wrap one of the ends around the whole group. Tie a knot and tuck the knot under the wrapped section. I’m wearing it as a long necklace piece.

Chain stitch necklace wrapped

Or you can double it up for a shorter necklace piece.

Wearing a Chain Stitch Necklace #crochetaday

With this same method, you can use 4-5 different colors of chain pieces and wrap them together for a multi-colored necklace. Chain stitch several 1 loop crochet pieces and attach them together, either by tying them into a knot and wrapping the crocheted yarn over the ends like the gray one, or hiding your ends with a crochet needle.

3. Chain stitch some of your left over scraps, seeing how long you can get it, even if it’s just one small piece. Finish it off by tying a simple knot or bow and make that a focal piece of the necklace.

Chunky Chain Stitch Necklace #crochetaday

My little model ;)

If you’re giving your new crochet necklace to a friend, be sure to wrap it up in some chain stitch wrapping ribbon for that little extra handmade touch!

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