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I mean really Big books. I love these. They are large and in charge. I used in the classroom all the time (I taught Kindergarten for 4 years.) They help everyone see the page, they have large letters to work with, helping kids see the letters and learn the words easier. I did so many activities with them. Some of my favorites are: Silly Sally – lots of repetition, The Carrot Seed – science discovery and faith, The Little Mouse The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear – fun fun and problem solving.

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This book is my favorite of all. Mrs. Wishy-Washy. We read this book during our farm unit in March of each year. I could have read this book even longer, I loved it that much and so did the kids. Who wouldn’t love to play in the mud. The words are very repetitive and that helps with learning and remembering the text. The words are very simple and easy for the children to pick up. Here is another website dedicated to Mrs. Wishy-Washy and learning: The Virtual Vine. You can get this book in a small version, or even a board book. It is worth just having any size of this story!

Mrs Wishy-Washy: Big Book (The Story Box)

Big Books can be harder to find, but easy for a teacher. You can get them through the Scholastic book orders that Teachers give out. They are only available for the teacher, but you should be able to ask your child’s teacher if you can order from that one. I would have let you. They are also available online, if you type in the word “big books” you will see websites for some. I also bought a bunch from Costco. They will have them every once in a while. Also, teacher supply stores like, Utah/Idaho Supply will have them sometimes too.

Have fun reading from Big Books. They will get your child engaged just by the size!

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