Chocolate Dipped Cupid Hearts You’ll Fall in Love With

We’re dipping jelly hearts and fun Valentine marshmallows in chocolate. They’re easy to dip and fun to eat. Once you’ve been shot by these Valentine arrows, you’ll be in love. Aren’t they sweet? Package a few of them up and gift them to loved ones for LOVE day!

Chocolate Dipped Cupid Hearts

Chocolate Dipped Cupid Hearts You’ll Fall in Love With

Supplies for Chocolate Dipped Hearts:

  • heart jellies and heart shaped marshmallows
  • melted chocolate
  • bowls, spoon
  • wax paper
  • party toothpicks with cellophane frills
  • plastic baggie
  • sprinkles

Skewer your jellies and marshmallows with the party toothpicks. Pierce them on an angle to make them look like they’ve been struck by Cupid. Now there’s a few ways to decorate these with chocolate. You can dip your treats in the chocolate. There will be chocolate on one end of the toothpick, but you can scrape it off as you pull it out of the chocolate bowl. Then place each dipped heart onto wax paper.

Chocolate Dipped Valentine Marshmallows

Another way to decorate the hearts with chocolate is by piping the chocolate on top of them. I filled a plastic baggie with chocolate, then cut off a tiny corner of the baggie with scissors. Seal the top of the baggie, then you can use it like a piping bag. I made squiggly lines across the hearts, as well as little chocolate hearts on top.

Piping Chocolate

To make these Cupid hearts even more special, I sprinkled them with red sprinkles. This gives them a little more flare, making them look complete.

Chocolate Hearts for Valentines

Now they’re ready to harden. You can simply leave them out for a few hours, or if you place your wax paper on a plate or cutting board, you can easily place them in the fridge to help quicken the hardening of chocolate.

Dipping Marshmallows and Jellies in Chocolate

Once hardened, place them in a cellophane bag. Now let Cupid’s arrows strike, making everyone fall in love!

Valentine hearts dipped in chocolate


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